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240v 1ft 45watt tube heater

240v 1ft 45 Watt Tube Heater

Looking to save on fuel bills and cut costs? then look no further as one of our tube heaters will help no end on your heating costs as gas/electric prices rise,they are absolutely ideal for keeping small rooms such as single bedrooms,bathrooms,toilets etc at a nice ambient temperature,these 240volt electric 1ft tube heaters really push out the heat but use just an incredible 45watts of energy,less than most lightbulbs! their tiny 1ft size makes them perfect for mounting out of harms way and they can be either horizontally wall or floor mounted with the brackets supplied or of course they can be left freestanding and easily moveable if you wish,running costs are extremely low, their advanced technology means they cost well under a penny an hour to run,they can also be used in places such as dog kennels,chicken houses etc or possibly small conservatories and greenhouses to help keep frost at bay,tubeheaters do get incredibly hot though so its best to site one where its not likely to be brushed against or grabbed by small children for safetys sake,tubeheaters are designed to warm a room slowly over time and keep the temperature nice and comfortable,this means to get the desired effect it is necessary to have them on longer than conventional heaters but due to their super efficiency and low running costs its only going to cost a few pence extra to do this, Please note the manufacturers photo shows the tube heater and a guard,THE GUARD IS NOT SUPPLIED WITH THE TUBE HEATER, IT IS AN OPTIONAL EXTRA,these tube heaters are fitted with 1m of cabling and a standard 3pin plug so are ready for immediate use as are all our tube heaters. NB: when first plugged in these heaters usually let out a wisp of smoke,this is perfectly normal and part of their first time operating procedure.

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